Susan Stone

Susan Stone works inside juvenile halls in the San Francisco Bay Area as a mediator in restorative justice programs.

She brings youth offenders together with their victims to talk about the crime, its impact, and how to repair the harm to all affected. She was the arts director for Pacifica Radio from 1988 to 2005, where she produced documentary features; served as host of Radio Chronicles, a weekly oral history project; and founded The Audio Salon workshop series for the creative radio exchange of international audio artists. Stone is known for her experimental work in voice and language, the accessibility of her writing, and her deep commitment to community issues.



A deaf-mute, lovelorn waitress has written a friend of her fractured heart. It's a garbled world in which Ruby spins between love, lust, and a bus ticket to California.


In this short radio play, the consequences of living life in a tinderbox are revealed through a series of scenes taking place within their various rooms.


Loose Tongues

Narrative deceptions, perverse fictions, audio portraiture: this conversation between feature-makers Natalie Kestecher and Susan Stone explores the interplay of story, character, and music, as well as the delights of creative ambiguity and communication in Kestecher's luminous, protean work.