Sukanta Majumdar

Sukanta Majumdar (born 1977) is an award-winning sound designer of films and theatre, based in Kolkata, India. He studied audiography at SRFTI, Kolkata, and has worked with many renowned directors, including Siddiq Barmak of Afghanistan (Opium War, 2008). Sukanta also creates works in soundart and in 2010, he went on a visiting fellowship to the London College of Communication, where he did a work of sound installation. Moreover, he is the field recordist of the ethnomusicological project. Sukanta also teaches and writes on sound.


This is a story of a factory, The National Instruments, near my home in Jadavpur, Kolkata that gradually became sick, and then closed down. It has been given to a University by the Indian Government to build another campus. All the sounds and voices of the workers have been recorded before and during the demolition of the site.