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Sarah Geis

Sarah Geis (@sarahegeis) is a independent radio producer and editor, and a former artistic director of the Third Coast International Audio Festival.

These days, she teaches radio at the University of Chicago, Northwestern, and the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke, edits for Gimlet Creative, and produces for various outlets. Recent features have aired on BBC Radio 4 and the podcast Love & Radio . In 2017 she was honored with "The Shitty Parking Award," according to a napkin left on her windshield.


Soul of a Man

Ramblin' Jack Elliott has played music with legends like Woody Guthrie, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.

Dear Santo Toribio

After Oklahoma passed the toughest anti-immigration bill in the country, a Catholic church in Tulsa was looking for help, so they created a shrine to Santo Toribio, the patron saint of immigrants.

No Bad News

Three decades ago, American hypnotist Larry Garrett committed himself to abstaining from the news.

This hour: lawyers-turned-pinball wizards, two extraordinary minds meeting in a field of poetry and, forty years after the phrase was coined, the skinny on 420.

Re:sound #261 No Bad News

This hour, we go into a hypnotherapists office and come out with a story of international intrigue.

First, a couple of questions about Dear Santo Toribio. The piece sounds like a prayer. How did you use music, sound effects, and voice to create this feeling? And why

You met Larry when you were given a hypnosis session with him as a gift. When did you learn his backstory and did you believe him right away? What convinced you that Larry would be a compelling subject of a radio doc?


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