Sandra Sleight-Brennan

For the past 18 years independent producer Sandra Sleight-Brennan has been producing features and long form documentaries that help listeners to interpret their history and environment. She has won 21 national and international awards for her work including Best of Show from the Association of American Women in Radio and TV. Her features have aired on National Public Radio, The Osgood Files, Interworld Radio, Living on Earth, and Soundprint. She lives in Rome Township, Athens County, Ohio, in a passively solar home that she and her husband John Brennan designed.


We're Here to Work!

This documentary, part of a series called America's Women: A Legacy of Change, examines how women's lives have changed since they won the vote in 1920s, focusing on the period from World War II through the 1950s.

Musings Over Coffee

Half commentary, half documentary, the inscription on this coffee mug took me back to old memories.