Nick White

Nick White (@npwhite) an editor and producer for KCRW in Southern California.

Most recently he created, edited and executive produced KCRW’s Lost Notes — an anthology podcast of long-form music documentaries. He serves as a story editor for several other programs at KCRW including UnFictional and helps to oversee the Independent Producer Project (IPP), KCRW’s engine for talent discovery.

Nick previously served as the senior producer for NPR’s Bullseye with Jesse Thorn and worked with PRX to bring the comedian Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast to public radio airwaves. Before coming to Los Angeles, Nick lived in Chicago and worked as a producer at WBEZ. He also served on the board of directors for the Chicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP). Over the years Nick’s work has been heard on various other outlets around the world including the BBC World Service , Marketplace and WNYC. He attended the University of California, Santa Cruz.


This hour, we’re sharing a few of Third Coast’s favourite stories that didn’t quite fit the mold of past episodes.

Re:sound #263 Meat Music

This hour we’re all about honesty. An honest look at fat, and an honest answer to this burning question, “What are the real lyrics to ‘Louie Louie’????”