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Neil Sandell

Neil Sandell is an award-winning Canadian radio producer.

In 2014 he moved to Nice, France, following a long career at CBC, including five years as senior producer of the first-person documentary program, Outfront. In 2011, he was named the Atkinson Fellow in Public Policy, Canada’s most prestigious journalism fellowship. He has taught workshops at Third Coast, at the Hearsay International Audio Festival in Kilfinane, Ireland, and in Nuuk, Greenland. In 2015 he was a jury president at Prix Italia.


I Don't Know. I Know.

To begin, restating rules is used to avoid actually following rules, just as this more-than-one-sentence description avoids the request for a single sentence through the misuse of the semi-colon; later, mundane answering machine messages become menacing, as the producer manipulates their meaning with music.

My Life So Far

The village of Alert Bay, on Canada's Pacific coast, is a study in paradox for the teens growing up there. They have a rich aboriginal culture, but live in grinding poverty.

Planet Kaleigh

Cindy Harasen is not the first the first mother to think that her daughter might be from another planet.

This hour: we explore some big ideas – justice, injustice, punishment, and redemption – through small, powerful, personal stories.

This hour: kids sing opera, they talk about life on a remote island, and they opine about running the world.

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