Natalie Kestecher

Natalie Kestecher (@kestecher) is an award winning writer and producer who blends documentary material, performance,fact and sometimes fiction to create stories that she hopes will resonate.

She's also the co- creator/ curator of


This hour: meditations on whispering, selective mutism, and a man who records some of the quietest sounds in the world.

Re:sound's Gwen Macsai hosts Best of the Best: The 2012 Third Coast Festival Broadcast, showcasing the best radio stories of the year - winners of the 2012 TC/RHDF Competition.


Loose Tongues

Narrative deceptions, perverse fictions, audio portraiture: this conversation between feature-makers Natalie Kestecher and Susan Stone explores the interplay of story, character, and music, as well as the delights of creative ambiguity and communication in Kestecher's luminous, protean work.