Mark Vernon

Mark Vernon is a Glasgow-based sound artist, musician, and radio producer. He was a founding member of Glasgow's pirate art radio collective Radio Tuesday and has produced programs and features for stations including WFMU, Resonance FM, Radio 101, and BBC Radio 4. He performs and records with Barry Burns as Vernon & Burns on Gagarin records and is also a member of the trio Hassle Hound, who have records released on Pickled Egg, Textile, Staubgold, and Twisted Nerve.


Electronic Samples Cut-Up

A few years ago, Mark Vernon bought a pile of old reel-to-reel audio tapes at a boot sale (think yard sale, but in the trunks of cars) near his hometown of Derby, England.

A Bug in the Works

Found tape diary of a family holiday recorded for Grandma and Grandpa; a six-legged intruder spoils the fun.

Sinister entertainment with a tape recorder: a found message left for a girlfriend degenerates into drunken squabbling over a reading of a Burn's poem.

Bouffants, buzz cuts, mohawks, and dreadlocks: no matter the style, hair has played an important social and cultural role throughout human history.