Lance Dann

Lance Dann is founder of the radio-art group Noiseless Blackboard Eraser and associate member of the Wooster Group. He studied radio at Goldsmiths College. As a radio artist Dann has worked extensively with composer Rohan Kriwaczek on a series of works for BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, and independent stations internationally, including a live radio performance series and experimental radio dramas. Dann has also worked as a sound designer for theatre, and in 1999 he recorded two documentaries with Yoko Ono for BBC Radio 3, the first time she'd spoken at length to the British media for over 20 years. His work in radio and theatre has earned a number of awards including two Sony Awards and a Prix Marulic.In recent years Dann has been writing for BBC Radio, carrying out doctoral research in the development of radio drama commissioning at the BBC on behalf of the Society of Authors, and developing ARG (alternative reality game)-based audio projects with Panicboy Productions.


The Flickerman (INC)

Cornelius Zane-Gray is being stalked. His girlfriend left him, a good friend was murdered, and he's recently been assaulted, chased, and nearly blown up. Cornelius's life is falling apart, and what's more, it's all being documented through photos posted on the Internet for everyone to see.