Kelly McEvers

Kelly McEvers (@kellymcevers) is the co-host of NPR's All Things Considered and the host of the NPR podcast Embedded.

She was previously NPR's foreign correspondent based in Beirut, Lebanon. In addition to NPR, her radio work has appeared on This American Life, On the Media, and the CBC, and other outlets, and she has written articles for The New York Times Magazine, Esquire, and the Washington Monthly, among others. McEvers is a founder of Six Billion, an online magazine that was a regular feature at Harvard University's Nieman Conference on Narrative Journalism.


This hour: a lobster diver in Honduras, a chocolate taster in France, a movie director in Nigeria, and other stories that reveal the workaday world in all its globalized complexity, one person at a time.


Imagine reporting in a culture that speaks a language your listeners don't understand, and covering issues your listeners don't totally care about - all in a country that doesn't even want you there in the first place.