Keith Talbot

Keith Talbot is a Peabody-award winning producer who helped influence the sound of public radio from its beginnings.

Years before so-called "reality programs," Talbot believed that "ordinary" people's life stories could be crafted into compelling programming. He created the influential Sound Portraits and the innovative Radio Experience series at National Public Radio. Talbot is well-known for teaching and inspiring new talent, including Ira Glass and Jay Allison. Talbot also pioneered innovations in children's programming both in radio and at the Disney Channel and MTV. Talbot's work received the National Education Association award, the Parent's Choice award, several Ohio State documentary awards, and the Armstrong award.


Ocean Hour

Two friends sit on a dock, meandering through a variety of ocean stories (some true and some not):

This hour: we're diving into the archives and rewinding our way to the 1970s and 80s, sampling some of the fascinating, strange, and hilarious work that was produced when public radio was a medium without a real template.