Julia Grant

Julia Grant is a story collector, artist and walking & talking tour guide in Toronto. Her audio stories can be heard on CBC Radio 1, murmurtoronto, and collectionx.museum.


Lucky Star

When you are taking risks and you don't know it's risky, and pushing boundaries when you don't know they are boundaries, it's good to be lucky.

What Do You Want?

It's hard to think of anything that will last forever.


You have to ask someone to dance with you, and you have to accept when they ask you to dance.


Eavesdropping on a traditional Canadian Christmas.

Bing Fu is Not Blue

Bing Fu is an ESL teacher in Toronto, and she tells her story about misunderstanding a word in spite of looking it up in the dictionary.

Scott Barber aka Lumberjockey discovered at 15 that he needs to pay close attention to everything that goes into his body.