Jorge Just

Jorge Just is Executive Editor at Gimlet Media where he’s spent much of his time working on shows like Heavyweight, The Nod, and Habitat.

Before joining Gimlet, Jorge helped create the sound and editorial vision for Detour, an app for deeply immersive location-based audio stories. He’s told stories on This American Life , worked with UNICEF to develop RapidFTR, an app that makes it easier for humanitarian workers to reunite children and families, and helped bands like OK Go find creative ways to use the Internet. As you might imagine, strangers tweet about him all the time.


In this session for editors - or anyone who wants to help someone else shape a story – Gimlet Media’s Jorge Just explores the delicate art of making good things better.

This fall, over 750 producers, artists, students, and audio enthusiasts joined us in Chicago for the 2016 Third Coast Conference, November 11-13. Hear all of the sessions!

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