Joel Werner

Joel Werner (@joelwerner) is the Audio Lead for ABC Science, and host of the podcast Sum of All Parts.

In 2011 Joel created the ABC’s nature documentary program, Off Track , which he hosted for two years before relocating to the United States. Living and working in NYC, Joel produced for shows including Radiolab , Freakonomics , On The Media , and 99% Invisible , with whom he won a Third Coast International Audio Festival Award. Throughout his career, Joel’s work has featured on BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service, ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight, and podcasts including Science Vs , Undiscovered , and Twenty Thousand Hertz.

More recently, Joel was Executive Producer on Honor Eastly’s six-part memoir about mental health and suicide, No Feeling Is Final, and a documentary series about disease outbreaks, Patient Zero.


Re:sound #271 Sister God

This hour, journeys of discovery, from personal identity to mathematical infinity.


You know about reading between the lines, right? Well good sound design can make you dance between the lines. And when you’re talking about big, uncomfortable ideas — sound can be a super powerful tool to have on hand.