Joel Werner

Joel Werner is the Audio Lead for ABC Science, and host of the podcast Sum of All Parts .

In 2011 Joel created the ABC’s nature documentary program, Off Track , which he hosted for two years before relocating to the United States. Living and working in NYC, Joel produced for shows including Radiolab , Freakonomics , On The Media , and 99% Invisible , with whom he won a Third Coast International Audio Festival Award. Throughout his career, Joel’s work has featured on BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service, ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight, and podcasts including Science Vs, Undiscovered , and Twenty Thousand Hertz. More recently, Joel produced the ABC astronomy podcast Cosmic Vertigo , and was Executive Producer on Honor Eastly’s six part memoir about mental health and suicide, No Feeling Is Final.


Re:sound #271 Sister God

This hour, journeys of discovery, from personal identity to mathematical infinity.