Jocelyn Robinson

Jocelyn Robinson is a producer, educator, and preservationist who serves as the Director of Radio Preservation and Archives at WYSO in Yellow Springs, Ohio. She was a member of Third Coast's 2019 Community Advisory Group, and a Third Coast Listener in the 2021 TC/RHDF Competition. She is currently a member of Third Coast's Board of Directors.

Jocelyn sits on the Radio Preservation Task Force at the Library of Congress and is the founder and director of the HBCU Radio Preservation Project.

Community Voices producer at WYSO since 2013 and an AIR New Voices Scholar in 2014, her recent projects include coo-producing and co-hosting the Rediscovered Radio: Women’s Voices, Women’s Music in the WYSO Archives and contributing to the Goethe-Institut USA podcast, The Big Ponder. Listen to more of her work here. Robinson teaches community-based and college-level digital storytelling and narrative journalism.


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