Iris Yudai

Iris Yudai is the Executive Producer of Absolutely Manitoba, a CBC TV series showcasing programs by regional independent producers. She is also the executive producer of DNTO, the national storytelling program which airs Saturday afternoons on CBC Radio One.

In this role, she's had the pleasure of supporting the development of made-in-Manitoba documentaries such as ImagineNATIVE best short documentary winner Treading Water (Wookey Films Inc.) and Golden Sheaf Award winner Visiting Day (Konofilms Ltd).
Yudai also oversees the development of radio programs from pitch to pilot to program. She’s headed up several summer series on CBC Radio One, including Revision Quest, Live By The Drum and Strange Animal.


This hour: we celebrate ten years of Outfront, a groundbreaking show on the Canadian Broadcasting Corportation that invited listeners to tell their own stories.