Gretchen Miller

Gretchen Miller has loved found sound since she completed a Bachelor of Music in composition.

She began her career at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation with a six month artist residency in 1999, after a brief career as a print journalist. After that she refused to leave, and since then has worked everywhere from daily talk radio to the science unit, but always making documentaries and features about the Australian landscape along the way. Now she has a permanent home in radio features and documentaries, and works on anything from radio drama to features about the environment. She embraces the unfolding world of web 2.0 as a rich means of engaging more deeply with audience, and finding wonderful fuel for her programs.


A man visits a star sale, where auctioneers are selling off the cosmos to the highest bidder. The Southern Cross, Orion's Belt, the Big Dipper -- they're all up for grabs.

This hour: a one way mission to mars, a Russian cosmonaut's favorite music, the Voyager golden record, the sound of the northern lights, and more.