Earlonne Woods

Earlonne Woods is co-creator, co-producer and co-host of Ear Hustle from Radiotopia. As co-host of the 2019 Third Coast Awards Ceremony, Earlonne will make his return to the "Oscars of Radio." Last year, he beamed in via video (watch here) after winning a 2018 Best Documentary: Honorable Mention Award as part of the Ear Hustle team.

Earlonne was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. In 1997, he was sentenced to 31-years-to-life for attempted second degree robbery. While incarcerated, he received his GED, attended Coastline Community College and completed many vocational trade programs. In November 2018, California Governor Jerry Brown commuted Woods' sentence after 21 years of incarceration. Upon his release, Woods was hired by PRX as a full-time producer for Ear Hustle, and he continues to work with co-host Nigel Poor, contributing stories about re-entry.


"We started with Cellies because we felt that people probably can’t relate to prison but they can definitely relate to a roommate, especially a roommate from hell." Earlonne Woods, co-host of Ear Hustle .

2018 Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition

Ear Hustle: Dirty Water

Ear Hustle is a unique creative partnership between Earlonne Woods, who is incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison, and outside collaborator Nigel Poor. Together, along with other men at the prison, they produce stories about daily life behind the walls. Winner of the TC/RHDF 2018 Best Documentary: Honorable Mention Award.

Today we go from the pentagon to prison to philosophical musings about the sweet sound of the snow shovel.

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