David Schulman

Since August 2009, David Schulman has been senior producer of Americana, a new weekly program from BBC Radio 4 and the World Service. The show offers a lively outsider's look at American news and culture.

His prior radio work includes creating and producing Musicians in Their Own Words, a CPB-supported series bringing NPR listeners inside the creative lives of musicians including Renée Fleming, Poncho Sanchez, and the late Bo Diddley.

Schulman is also an avid violinist, performing around Washington DC with a latin jazz trio called Rhapsody B.


This piece retells (and remixes) the NBA soap opera of Shaq + Kobe in an audio cartoon created with the on-the-court assistance of the talented Kevin Smith and amplified by music from Shaquille O'Neal, sampled game sounds, and press conference audio clips taken wildly and egregiously out of context.

This hour: 99 Ways to Tell a Radio Story, an audio experiment orchestrated by the Third Coast Festival in collaboration with cartoonist Matt Madden.