Daniel Zwerdling

Daniel Zwerdling has served as NPR's environmental reporter, roving Africa correspondent, long-time host of Weekend All Things Considered

He was lent, temporarily, to PBS' NOW with Bill Moyers. Now Zwerdling is winning top awards for NPR for his investigative stories. NPR's staff has hailed his reports as the ones "that keep our listeners sitting in their cars in the driveway." Member stations and others frequently ask him to lead workshops to help show fellow reporters how to do it.


In September, 2002, three years before Katrina devastated America's gulf coast, veteran NPR reporter Daniel Zwerdling investigated what would happen to New Orleans if it fell in the path of a Category 5 hurricane.

Whether you're a radio beginner or a veteran, NPR senior correspondent Daniel Zwerdling can help you breathe new life into your pieces.