Colin McNulty

Colin McNulty is an award-winning documentary maker and senior producer of podcasts for WBEZ, including WBEZ’s “Making” series, Making Oprah and most recently, Making Obama.

While living in London, he stumbled into the independent production company, Whistledown Productions. Across five years, he produced 50 documentaries and programs/programmes for the BBC on subjects as varied as Rupert Murdoch, the Kennedy Assassination, and sexism in the UK police force.

Two of Colin’s documentaries won consecutive Third Coast International Audio Festival awards: Burroughs at 100 narrated by Iggy Pop won the Director’s Choice in 2014, and aired in its entirety on This American Life in 2015; Sounds Up There a montage documentary about spacewalking, won Silver at Third Coast in 2015. Colin has also produced for WFMT, NPR, Beats 1, and the Art Institute of Chicago.


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