Colette Kinsella

Colette Kinsella is an independent producer who lives in Dublin, Ireland.

Her storytelling career started in the early 90's and involved 15 German butchers (she taught food hygiene courses in Germany). After various other careers as a translator (Germany) and newspaper subeditor (Cairo, Egypt) she finally started telling her own stories using the medium of radio. Kinsella produces documentaries, features and inserts for RTE Radio 1, BBC World Service and other stations.


The Dead News Network

Anne is a 37-year-old mother of two. Her husband Paul is a carpenter. She lives in an ordinary house, in a medium-sized Irish town, about a half-hour drive from Dublin. From the outside, Anne's life couldn't look more normal.

Language Bites!

You may have been a "freelancer," or hired one, at some point in your work life, but have you ever wondered how the term originated?