Chris Trimmer

Chris Trimmer is a radio producer, lecturer & experimental musician based in Kingston, Ontario. Following four years of graduate research and publication in Music Psychology he dropped out to pursue the same field within radio. Since then he?s produced Cognitive Dissonance - a documentary-style, sound art-infused radio program focusing on the psychological and cultural aspects of music. He?s worked at CFRC-FM as the Spoken Word programming manager and has been recognized by the National Campus/Community Radio Association (NCRA) for his documentaries & creative production.


A personal account of Hendrick's adjustment to a hearing impairment, causing him to navigate a world of unwanted sound, is arranged with interviews of two friends recounting a noisy concert experience to help create a perception of what it's like to live behind a wall of noise.

What was the earliest sound ever recorded, or "bottled"? The First Sounds (FS) project, organized by a group of audio historians, scientists, and archivists, is dedicated to exploring these pioneering sounds, and sharing them with the world.

How did you first learn of these early recordings and First Sound's efforts to uncover them, and do you believe these are truly the first audio recordings in all of history? Might they find earlier ones yet