Caroline Losneck

Caroline Losneck is a documentarian, radio producer, filmmaker and experimental installation artist.

She seeks out off-the-radar venues for her documentary work–from buildings slated for demolition, public parks, and flooded city streets, to empty campgrounds.

As an independent radio producer, her work is featured on Maine Public Radio, NPR, Marketplace and WMPG Community Radio. Her documentary film work has been featured in the NYT Op Docs series and has screened at film festivals around the country.

Caroline’s work is often about people and places on the margins. Through stories, oral histories and recreated narratives, she tells tall tales and truth. She considers a microphone a pretty great way to learn about people and their lives.

Caroline grew up on the shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland and now lives in Maine. She has a BA in Environmental Science from Oberlin College. She has lived on three islands and isn't afraid to live on another.


A voice collage with the words and ideas of three of my neighbors currently living near a peninsula that is about to be developed for a new minor league basketball arena, hotel, parking garage, and possibly even a nature trail in Portland, Maine.