Carolina Wheat

Carolina Wheat, when asked what she does best, the response is without hesitation. "Swim, read aloud and speak off the cuff, publically," Carolina answers. She's queried oracles, friends and researched the microfiche sections of libraries as to why her neck has a symmetrical 'beauty mark' centered atop the flesh of the vocal chords. Answers found are like: you carry a message, you must find the right medium of communication, or you will die in childbirth. The latter ceased the research. With two healthy, natural births behind her, her own mother would say she's blessed. She figures she has a distinguishing mark that is a mystery yet will help identify her in the case that she gets lost or loses herself.


Hearing Things

A narrator tackles disembodied voices; admitting she seeks out the strange while actual Electronic Voice Phenomenon reverberates in a surreal background.

A Cold Freezin Night - 3

A bone cold dusk brings the icy adventures of a third grader to a close as his babysitting-tween sister selfishly examines mortality.

This hour: the story of four small towns that were evacuated and flooded to create one of the biggest reservoirs of drinking water on the east coast.