Carma Jolly

Carma Jolly is a producer at CBC Radio's Outfront, a Canadian radio program that invites listeners to create documentaries about themselves.

Jolly has worked in radio since 1993, mostly in news and current affairs. She has made numerous documentaries and even won some awards. She'll also proudly mention that a side adventure found her in New Delhi interning at India's first women's press.


Take Me Out

This audio art lament asks the question, "What happens when false care and concern land on the ears of someone truly in need?"

This hour: we celebrate ten years of Outfront, a groundbreaking show on the Canadian Broadcasting Corportation that invited listeners to tell their own stories.

This hour: a Japanese blues singer, an aging opera fan, and homemade recordings of a rural children's choir.

This hour: phone solicitors, bottle evangelists, a mysterious cassette tape unearthed in the attic, and more.

This hour: 99 Ways to Tell a Radio Story, an audio experiment orchestrated by the Third Coast Festival in collaboration with cartoonist Matt Madden.

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