Byron Flitsch

Byron Flitsch is a freelance writer, performer, and teacher living in Chicago. Transplanted from a small town in Wisconsin, Flitsch attended Columbia College where he double-majored in fiction writing and photography with a minor in art design. He's been published in the Advocate, Gay Chicago, Chicago Collection, Newcity Chicago, Toasted Cheese, 2D, No Touching, and is a proud columnist for UR Chicago, where he writes "Urban Legend: A Relationship Column." He's also an active performer and has had the opportunity to be a part of R.U.I., Homolatte, Solo Homo, Around The Coyote, RE:Action Series, and a slew of other local literary events. He's also a permanent performer/story-developer for 2nd Story, a monthly literary event that is a hybrid of stories and music. He keeps busy as an active company member of Serendipity Theater. Lastly, he's taught creative writing to high school students for a nonprofit program called After School Matters.


Life Plays On

An insecure boy discovers, through a saying on a mug, that there is more going on in the lives of others than meets the eye.