Ben Calhoun

Ben Calhoun (@benccalhoun) is the Vice President of Content and Programming at WBEZ, Chicago.

Previously, he was a producer for This American Life , which he joined in 2010. During his career as a radio reporter, Calhoun contributed to most every major public radio news entity heard in the country — including Radiolab , NPR, the BBC, and Marketplace .


Bill Stenberg says he was just "standing on the corner with a friend, the way guys do" when he decided to enlist in the military.

Re:sound's Gwen Macsai hosts this year's national broadcast, showcasing the best radio stories of the year - winners of the 2011 TC/RHDF Competition.


Every other fall, the Third Coast stretches its wings, embraces a film festival model (minus the popcorn - too noisy) and presents the Third Coast Filmless Festival - a celebration of sound, story, and the art of listening.

The Pit of Despair

For some people, making great radio is easy. Ben Calhoun has no idea what those people are talking about! For him, making radio is hard, beset by self-doubt -- and he finds it’s often easy to get stuck.


This year we honored the best audio work in the following categories: Best Documentary (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Honorable Mention), Directors Choice, Best New Artist, Best News Feature and Radio Impact. Additionally, Ira Glass of This American Life created The Little Mermaid Award to honor beautifully produced work that is out for fun.