Bari Finkel

Bari Finkel (@finkelbaripie) is a producer at Pineapple Street Media in Brooklyn, NY.

She was so excited to get this position in 2016, she jumped for joy and broke her foot on the way down. Since then, Bari has been a producer on many shows, including Heaven's Gate , You Can't Make This Up and Women Of The Hour. She developed, produces and is an on-mic personality for the show Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassi, and is an executive producer on a few projects that are coming out in 2019. Bari has a dog named Puddy.


My Mommy's Umami Latkes

Once a year my extended family comes together for three courses in tradition: making latkes, dinner conversation and finally, the ongoing memories we create together during our annual Hanukkah party.