Arwen Champion Nicks

Arwen Champion Nicks (@arwenn) is the head of podcasts at KPCC in Los Angeles, but you may know her from her work for Sub Pop or How's Your Day or maybe for the time she tweeted every line to Thelma & Louise.

She has been working in radio and/or podcasting for about a decade and has won awards for her work as producer, host, investigative editor, and reporter. Currently, as the department lead at KPCC, she is whatever a project needs her to be. Her focus is always on the listener experience no matter what role she plays in a project. If she wasn’t working in podcasts she would probably be writing queer rom-coms.


The Earthquake

About a year ago, producers at KPCC started discussing the inevitable major quake set to hit Los Angeles and wondered how they could get people to not just listen but really prepare. The Big One: Your Survival Guide is what they came up with.


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