Alison MacAdam

After 15 years as a producer and editor at NPR, Alison MacAdam (@ajmacadam) recently flew the coop to become a freelance editor.

Her recent work includes the podcasts Believed (NPR/Michigan Radio), Latino USA and Song Exploder . Previously, Alison was the NPR Training team's Senior Editorial Specialist, coaching journalists across the country on audio storytelling, and before that, Senior Editor of All Things Considered . She has also edited the NPR podcasts Code Switch, It's Been a Minute and Throughline (pilot episodes).

Alison got her start as a producer at WBUR. She is honored to have worked with Radio Diaries on "Teenage Diaries Revisited," the 2014 winner of the Third Coast Best Documentary award.


A bonafide Third Coast tradition! The second installment of this session once again pulls back the curtain on one of the most difficult and important skills every producer needs to master: pitching a story.