Abraham Levitan

Abraham Levitan is a Chicago-based musician who tries to write the simplest possible songs. "Just throw strikes," he'll often tell himself. Happily, he is unsuccessful at this task, and as a result, his creative energies spill out in all directions.

His live, spontaneously-composed "response songs" tunefully summarize material he's just heard for the first time, making fans of Ira Glass and Joe Meno, and leading to his current role as a contributor of "wrap-up songs" for Re:sound on Chicago Public Radio. He also co-hosts Shame That Tune, a monthly live comedy game show at the Hideout in Chicago. Abraham writes, sings, and plays keyboards for Baby Teeth, a Chicago three-piece pop/rock band specializing in retro sounds and thick vocal harmonies. Last but not least, he heads up Piano Power, a music-teaching group offering at-home piano, guitar, voice, and drum lessons to more than 125 students in Chicago and the northern suburbs.

Find out about all his projects at World of Abraham.


Spontaneous songwriter Abraham Levitan composed this inaugural Re:sound wrap up song for the Chicago Show, reflecting on Wild Onion by host Gwen Macsai and the Third Coast Chicago Sound Drops.