Aaron Ximm

Aaron Ximm is a San Francisco-based field recordist and sound artist.

Since 1998 his Quiet American project has focused on constructing new soundscapes from the intimate recordings he collects while traveling. Ximm's recordings and compositions have appeared in a variety of contexts, including galleries, performances, and on the radio. Along with his wife, Bronwyn, he won the Third Coast Festival's Directors' Choice Award in 2002 for Annapurna: Memories in Sound, which is available for download along with hours of other recordings and compositions at quietamerican.org.


One-Minute Vacations

The world makes its own music, but we rarely listen with fresh ears says Aaron Ximm, sound artist, field recordist and founder of quietamerican.org.


This session is: 1) A brief survey of field recording by that and other names, with an emphasis on non-pragmatic applications of recording technology such as musique concrete (last century) and phonography (this one);

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