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One-Minute Vacations

The world makes its own music, but we rarely listen with fresh ears says Aaron Ximm, sound artist, field recordist and founder of quietamerican.org.

Object Piece

Based on a short story by Drury Pifer, Object Piece is the story of a man digging his own grave after he loses his wife to a friend.

The Obscure News: Anatomy of a Punch, Part Two (INC)

The Obscure News podcast claims to feature "all the news the networks omitted." Dedicated to redeeming the ordinary, it's a chorus of anonymous voices telling those weird little anecdotes that are born every day, all tied together by a steadfast host, driving rhythm, and strategic bits of found sound.

One Way Ticket to Mars

NASA is figuring out how to take the next great leap into space. The difficulty is, if we leap to Mars, we might not make it back.

Our Day Will Come

Our Day Will Come explores the impact of R&B on America's civil rights movement, as well as the influence of the movement on popular music.