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Dreaming of Fat Men

One evening in 1994, four women came together for a feast. They had never met one another before. As far as anybody knew, they only had one thing in common: they were all obese.

Dear Z,

By way of a love letter, Julie Shapiro recounts the incredible racing history of the astonishing, record-breaking mare named Zenyatta. Zenyatta captured the hearts and imaginations of millions and shined a bright spotlight on the American horse racing industry in 2009-10.

"Diamond" Jimmy Roy

At one time "Diamond" Jimmy Roy owned half the businesses in Braddock, Pennsylvania, a steel town just outside Pittsburgh.

Debt Collector

A sci-fi melodrama about the abusive relationship between debt collector and collectee.

Deliverance Day

Spontaneous songwriter Abraham Levitan composed this inaugural Re:sound wrap up song for the Chicago Show, reflecting on Wild Onion by host Gwen Macsai and the Third Coast Chicago Sound Drops.

Dear Santo Toribio

After Oklahoma passed the toughest anti-immigration bill in the country, a Catholic church in Tulsa was looking for help, so they created a shrine to Santo Toribio, the patron saint of immigrants.

Dallas, Pitiless Universe

Dallas, the 1980s prime-time soap opera, may have disappeared from American television 20 years ago, but like J.R. Ewing, the show never really died.

Dia's Diary: My Mother

Dia Fallana is a young transgender woman living in a depressed area of Oakland, California. In this radio essay, she explains how her mother's anti-gay attitude kept her in the closet -- until she was forced to tell the truth.

Dental Deja Vu

Producer Gwen Macsai was 31 when, for the second time in her life, she was subjected to that ubiquitous teenage torture device . . . the dental retainer.

The Deacons

Bogalusa, Louisiana is home to a forgotten chapter of civil-rights history that is still very much alive.

The Dry vs. the Moist (INC)

A mix of fiction, fantasy and fact, The Dry vs. the Moist is an intercontinental collaboration between three artists: the U.S. writer Rick Moody, the Australian sound artist (and Radio Eye producer) Sherre DeLys, and pianist Chris Abrahams (the Necks).

The Dead News Network

Anne is a 37-year-old mother of two. Her husband Paul is a carpenter. She lives in an ordinary house, in a medium-sized Irish town, about a half-hour drive from Dublin. From the outside, Anne's life couldn't look more normal.


Joe Frank's Dreamers is more like an M.C Escher drawing than a traditional tale and leaves you questioning the blurry line between dreams and reality.

Downtown Avant Garde

Composer, label owner and multi-instrumentalist John Zorn is one of the most beloved (and provocative) American masters of free jazz, improvisation, and musical innovation.