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Arthur and Eleanor

Eleanor needs a family -- but the only family she had, her ex-husband Arthur, doesn't really need her anymore.

Alamo: A Radio Play (INC)

In this radio drama, a middle-aged doctoral candidate named Irving Paley is obsessed with the Alamo (aka the Cube), a contemporary sculpture which sits on a traffic island in Astor Place in downtown Manhattan. During an interview with a "public radio reporter," Paley reveals how the Cube has slowly consumed his life, while back at Astor Place, a mystery around the sculpture deepens.

Ali Farka Toure: Country Gentleman (INC)

Mali's acclaimed guitarist Ali Farka Toure announced during his summer 2000 tour of America that he was retiring back to a farm in Niafunke, his home village in the Saharan desert. This is the portrait of a successful musician embracing a new direction in his life.