Discover hundreds of short audio gems produced in response to a prompt from Third Coast for the ShortDocs Competition, hosted between 2003 and 2016. Each year ushered in a new set of rules, new creative partners, and ever-more magical results.

That Close

Montreal's Royal Park is the backdrop to a woman's memories and the place where she is most at home.


A man searches through his tapes looking for a lost memory.

Trouble in Vietnam

Robert McNamara, the Soviet Ambassador and President Lyndon Johnson face off in a historical remix.

This Was a Crucial Place

A former inmate (John McCullough), a former guard (Donald Vaughn) and Steve Buscemi guide the listener through 1960's prison reform via the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA.

Train Wars

Jayne Fenton Keane talks with India's former Socialist Defence Minister, Mr. George Fernandes, and former President of the Socialist Party of India, Ms. Jaya Jaitley, about the Railway Strikes of 1975 that brought down Sonia Ghandi's government.

The Trophy

A man returns, victorious, from the hunt. Curious onlookers react to the killing. But they're not all looking at the same animal.

Truck Wild and Ramped Umami Stories

Former coal miner and mountain man extraordinaire Jay Spencer hunts for aromatic wild leeks in the forest outside Richwood, West Virginia, a lumber town and Ramp Capital of the World.

That Mill House Yellow

In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, gentrification advances with a cautionary yellow light as a local property manger paints the town his own special hue.