Discover hundreds of short audio gems produced in response to a prompt from Third Coast for the ShortDocs Competition, hosted between 2003 and 2016. Each year ushered in a new set of rules, new creative partners, and ever-more magical results.

Levitating Stone

In a small village in India, a 90 KG stone levitates when the name of sufi saint Qamar Ali Dervish is chanted.

Life Drive

In 1961 during the fascist regime in Portugal, a group of political prisoners escape from a fortress prison in a bullet proof Chrysler Imperial - the car that belonged to the dictator himself.
Voiceover by Jay Buettner; Additional voice by Carlos Patrão.

Life Is Sweet Again

Lucy Beesley's determination to fight off cancer and live normally has resulted in a life even sweeter than before.

Look Toward the Blue

As a new resident of one of the oldest neighborhoods in Portland, Maine, I set out one day armed with a recorder and mic in hopes of meeting some of my new neighbors.