Discover hundreds of short audio gems produced in response to a prompt from Third Coast for the ShortDocs Competition, hosted between 2003 and 2016. Each year ushered in a new set of rules, new creative partners, and ever-more magical results.

Lucky Star

When you are taking risks and you don't know it's risky, and pushing boundaries when you don't know they are boundaries, it's good to be lucky.

Labor Pains

Whether it's societal progress or a squiggly 11-pound miracle, getting there isn't always pretty.


The planting of a memorial tree reveals a lost story about my grandmother.

Life Plays On

An insecure boy discovers, through a saying on a mug, that there is more going on in the lives of others than meets the eye.

Latin Mass

Long before the women's movement even had a name, some Oak Park girls began questioning tradition without even knowing they were doing so.

The Last Morning was a Sweet One

2013 ShortDocs Winner! A short story in sounds of our food's start to finish, from morning to night (though not necessarily in the same day!)

Lady Bait

Lizzie and her sister think they are coming to Ray's just to see his monkey, but little do they know that Ray and Oscar have been sweating to the Harvey Carne Workout Method and Guide to Romance.

Listening to Jamie

Imagine a cold London winter, where the bizarre and unpredictable sounds made by producer Hugh Levinson's sleeping newborn punctuate the dark nights in the most unimaginable ways.

Lapsed Trappist

The gripping tale of a troubled Buddhist as he struggles with morals and mice in this short radio fiction based rather loosely on a true story.

Lovable Losers

Feel the passion, feel the pain of the faithful followers of Chicago's Lovable Losers.

The Legend of Crazy Woman Creek

The origin story of how Crazy Woman Creek in Wyoming got its name, as told from the perspective of a mountain man named Johnson.

  • 2016
  • 03:00

The Long Way Home

New light on the wanderings of Odysseus provided by the discovery of Penelope's answering machine tape.