Immerse your ears in the best audio documentaries and storytelling since 2001, the winners of the Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition.

Dinner at the Blind Cow

From the moment you enter the restaurant's dining room, you're in complete darkness. Blind waiters take your order, help you find your water glass, and lead you to the bathroom as needed.

Dear Birth Mother

After waiting for Mr. Right (who has yet to arrive) and experiencing years of fertility treatments, Suzanne, a single woman in her 40s, decides to adopt an African-American baby.

Dr. Phil

In the wake of a break-up, writer Starlee Kine finds so much comfort in break-up songs that she tries to write one herself, even though she has no musical ability whatsoever.

Dreaming of Osama

Dreaming of Osama explores the ever-moving boundaries of the "war on terror" and its influence on the collective unconscious. Osama Bin Laden has a way of lying low -- then, just as the public begins to forget about him, he makes an unexpected reappearance.

The Double

Thirteen years ago, in Viborg, Denmark, lived two young men with the same name: Thomas Andersen.

The Discussion

Some friends can talk about anything. There's no subject too secret or content too confronting.

Death Comes Home

Death Comes Home is a portrait of three families who have chosen to forego the funeral director and prescribed memorial to instead care for their dead at home.

The Dribble-Down Effect

Blending satire, drama, and interviews, this Australian documentary portrays a not-so-distant future where robots care for children and parents agree to live apart from their families during the work week.

The Diary of Leanne Wolfe

Leanne Wolfe, an 18-year-old schoolgirl in Cork, Ireland, committed suicide in March, 2007. On the morning of her funeral, her older sister Treena discovered Leanne's diaries.