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Sold 'Em Way Up High at 1200 (INC)

Melds the incredible auctioneering skills of Dan Skeels, the 2004 World Livestock Auctioneering Champion, with the electronic sounds of Nick Freilich, aka Epicte the Elemental.

The Flickerman (INC)

Cornelius Zane-Gray is being stalked. His girlfriend left him, a good friend was murdered, and he's recently been assaulted, chased, and nearly blown up. Cornelius's life is falling apart, and what's more, it's all being documented through photos posted on the Internet for everyone to see.

Who Do I Come From

My grandfather, John Frank Noyes, is the only person who remembers our family's homestead in Wyoming; he died this winter.

What Do They Want?

A Chicago nanny stumbles upon an existential dilemma while buying Christmas gifts for her charges.

What's in a car?

Lourdes Mello's late husband bought her a Mustang convertible in 1989; the car is badly broken now, but she holds on to it for the memories.

A Bitter Truth

One man's addiction to his music.

  • 2013
  • 02:45