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A Now Famous Tree

When spontaneous young sexual drives mingle in the shade of a tree, a unique and mysterious relationship is seeded.

Ad Absurdum

A herd of marketing hits, cliches and platitudes, featuring a chorus of cats and two pounds of Velveeta.

A Drinking Song

Could The Star Spangled Banner be recast as a drinking song? Holger Mohaupt suggests that in this family, it could.

A Voice of Warning

A heroin overdose left Jade Bell blind, mute and unable to care for himself. Now Bell tours high schools in British Columbia, where his computerized "voice" speaks a loud warning to thousands of students.

A Square Meal, Regardless

When Cedric Chambers and John Gallagher met by chance 45 years ago, neither imagined that they'd be caring for each other into old age.

American Dream

The mice have invaded and are having some R and R... so I might as well help them enjoy themselves.

A Time to Tip

The courageous story of one coffee mug trying to get by in a house of people he hates. (Writing from the perspective of the mug in the first person, present tense.)

Are You Sure?

A look at the age old dilemma -- the unexpected pregnancy, and a peek into how today's busy, independent woman approaches the unexpected news.

Avant Guardian

The Avant Guardian fights crime using the power of surrealism and his trusty P.S.M.G.

A Sense of Place

Filmmaker Tony Hill takes his blind friend to a mystery location, where she discovers her whereabouts solely through her sense of touch.

The Audio Guide to Grieving

Sometimes, a death in the family means cousins and casseroles. And sometimes — for one reason or another — it means figuring it out on your own.