You Didn't See Nothin

Winner of the 2022-23 Third Coast/RHDF Competition Best Serialized Story Award, selected by Final Round Judges Arlie Adlington, Alana Casanova-Burgess, Lisa Pollak, and Elena Rivera.


Twenty-five years ago in Chicago, a little boy named Lenard Clark was beaten into a coma just for being Black. Almost overnight, the news stories turned to racial reconciliation and forgiveness. Writer Yohance Lacour didn’t buy that shit.

"You Didn't See Nothin" is the result of his years-long inquiry into how that narrative took hold, and how it changed his life.

This work was originally featured in the 2022-23 Third Coast Competition Showcase, a new way of celebrating Award-Winners, Finalists & Judges.

Full Credits

Yohance Lacour (Writer, Reporter), Bill Healy, Dana Brozost-Kelleher, Erisa Apantaku, Sarah Geis (Producers), Steven Jackson, Phil Dmochowski (Sound Design, Mixing, Music Supervision), Taka Yasuzawa, Alex Sugiura (Music Composition), Alison Flowers, Jamie Kalven (Executive Producers for Invisible Institute), Josh Bloch (Executive Producers for USG)

produced by

Bill Healy

Bill Healy (he/him) has spent his life listening to people. At age 10, he started writing a weekly newspaper column called the Youth Perspective, about the suburb where he grew up.

Erisa Apantaku

Erisa (she/her) is a Black/biracial, queer audio producer and educator from the lands of the Three Fires Confederacy of the Ottawa, Ojibwe, and Potawatomi First Nations (Chicagoland).

Sarah Geis

Sarah Geis (she/her) is a long-time editor, producer and educator who is influenced by oral history, documentary theater, and Lynda Barry.

Steven Jackson

Steven Jackson (he/him) is an audio producer based in Portland, Maine. He has worked as a freelance reporter, newsroom producer, sound designer, mix engineer, and composer — and is usually doing a combination of all of the above.

Jamie Kalven

Jamie Kalven was a judge for the 2008 TC/RHDF Competition: Radio Impact Award.

Yohance Lacour

Yohance Lacour (he/him) is a writer from the South side who's committed to telling stories of Black Chicago from the ground.

Phil Dmochovski

Phil Dmochovski (he/him) Phil's work has been heard widely, on The New York Times, BBC, NPR and other outlets.

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