Re:sound #241 The Smash the Binary Show

This hour, stories that grab hold of our expectations and smash the binary.

2017 / Judy Campbell / Amy Standen / Kaitlin Prest / Hillary Frank / Dennis Funk / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour, stories that grab hold of our expectations and smash the binary.

My Name Is Shawn and I Prefer He
by Judy Campbell & Amy Standed for The Leap from KQED (2015)
Shawn Demmons is a 50-year-old man now, but when he was growing up, he was Shawna Demmons. Lately we’ve heard a lot of stories about people who, after years in the closet, found the courage to come out as transgender. But for Shawn, courage was never the problem. His leap was a four decade journey to realize he was a man. And then he had to decide just what kind of man he wanted to be.
NOTE : Due to rights restrictions, this story is no longer available on Re:sound , but you can listen here

by Kaitlin Prest for The Heart (2017)
Todd once loved a woman. And she loved him back, but there was one thing that she just couldn’t get over, he twirls. This piece explores what it means to be effeminate when you’re a straight cis-dude. Kaitlin talks to men who embrace and resist their femininity.
This story is from a 4-part series called 'pansy'.

The Accidental Gay Parents [radio excerpt listen here for the full story]
by Hillary Frank for The Longest Shortest Time (2015)
In this story, gender is just a small piece of a complicated situation our protagonists find themselves in. Theirs is a tale that turns assumptions upside down: it’s a passionate love story, a tense legal drama, and a complicated family affair, that starts when boy meets boy.
This story is the first episode of a 5-part series about Trystan and John

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk

Music for Re:sound is comes from Patient Sounds, a private press record label and book publisher in Chicago.


airtone, 'Gravitational Waves' (self-released, 2016)
M. Sage, 'Mist Bloom', Ceiling (Acoustic) (Patient Sounds, 2014)
M. Sage, 'Bastard Satellite pt 1', Ceiling (Acoustic) (Patient Sounds, 2014)

Starling Murmations, 'Comosum' Starling Murmations i–iv (Patient Sounds, 2013)
airtone, 'Dazed' (self-released, 2012)
Foothills, 'Big Ivy', New World (Patient Sounds, 2013)

produced by

Amy Standen

Amy Standen is a producer/reporter/host for Gimlet Creative and Gimlet Media.

Kaitlin Prest

Kaitlin Prest is an artist working in audio, performance and installation.

Hillary Frank

Hillary Frank (@hillaryfrank) is the creator and executive producer of The Longest Shortest Time, the parenting show for everyone.

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