To experience this award-winning piece in full, including the credits read out loud, click here.

Audio Unbound 2021 Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition

2021 / Pamela Z / Deutschlandfunk Kultur, USA/GER/ITA

To experience this award-winning piece in full, including the credits read out loud, click here.


Simultaneous is a sound work exploring many facets of the concepts of simultaneity and synchronicity. The piece is composed of speech fragments taken from recorded interviews and woven together with my own vocalizations and some found sounds.

This work was originally featured in the 2021 Web Showcase, a new way of celebrating all eleven Third Coast/RHDF Competition winners with in-depth materials, including comments from the judges. Plus, our first-ever list of finalists in each category.

Full Credits

Simultaneous was composed, sound designed, recorded, edited and mixed by Pamela Z.

Recording Location: American Academy in Rome, and Pamela Z’s Studio in San Francisco

Produced, commissioned, presented by Marcus Gammel/DeutschlandRadio (Deutschlandfunk Kultur) Berlin.

Sampled voices included from:

Azza Abo Rebieh, Zeno Baldi, Samiya Bashir, Fiori Berhane , Alessandro Bosetti, Garrett Bradley, Matthew Brennan, Courtney Bryan, Angelo Matteo Caglioti, Bruna Cammarano, James Casebere, Sonya Clark, Brian Davis, Dan Diffendale, Carol Flake Chapman, Fiona Digny, Christine Gorby, Ashley Hahn, Elizabeth Heintges, John Jesurun, Alana Mailes, Nelsy Massoud, Brian McPhee, Eugenia Morpurgo, Vicky Moses, Matthew Naglak, Federica Nicolardi, Joel Pattison, Antoine Picon, William Schutt, Nicole Sealy, Jeremy Simmons, Gabriel Soare, Kate Thomas, Christopher van den Berg, Alexis Wang, Adam Weinberg, Fred Wilson, Parrish Wright, Michael Young, Paul David Young, & Pamela Z

produced by

Pamela Z

Pamela Z is a composer/performer and sound artist working primarily with voice, electronic processing, and video.

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