Re:sound #101: The Rock Show

This hour: an all-woman Led Zeppelin cover band and metal-loving children.

2008 / TCF / WBEZ, USA

This hour: an all-woman Led Zeppelin cover band and metal-loving children.

Heartbreakers: The Story of All-Girl Zep
by Katie Burningham with Amy Jane Hall and Alan Hall (Into the Music, ABC, 2008)
Lez Zeppelin (that's right, not Led, but Lez) is an all-female tribute band that challenges prevailing ideas about rock 'n' roll and gender. They've earned the respect and adoration of rockers young and old, male and female. Their story is told by Amy, a smart, feisty, 15-year-old girl, and Alan, her radio-producing, mediocre-guitar-playing father, who's skeptical at first that a bunch of women could do his rock-gods any real justice. How wrong he turned out to be.

Children of Metal
by John Moe (Weekend America, 2007)
John Moe has an ambivalent relationship with heavy metal. He grew up in the 80s and for him, metal was ubiquitous. But he gradually grew away from the music, realizing that his most dedicated metal-head friends all seemed destined for sad, boring, and possibly violent futures. So he left it behind. But recently, his kids have been getting into it. And John is beginning to rethink his distaste.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Delaney Hall.

produced by

Alan Hall

Alan Hall is the founder of Falling Tree Productions in London.

John Moe

John Moe (@johnmoe) is a radio maker who currently cohosts the podcast Conversation Parade.

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