Re:sound #90: The Repetition Show

This hour: earworms, mantras, and stories told again and again.

2008 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour: earworms, mantras, and stories told again and again.

Meat Factory Ear Worms
by Richie Beirne and Ronan Kelly (The Curious Ear, RTE Radio 1, 2008)
For Richie Beirne, music was a real lifesaver at a time and place when he was surrounded by death.

by Marianne Rahn-Erickson (, 2003)
A lot of difficult decisions in life come down to a fundamental predicament: should I stay and fight? Or should I just give up and go? Marianne Rahn-Erickson weaves together a story that, at its heart, is about this choice. It involves a dog, a car accident, a marriage, and a quirky epiphany that changed her life forever.

Mantra Trailer
by Delaney Hall (Re:sound premiere, 2008)
Lots of things benefit from repetition, few things actually require it. But a mantra, which by its very nature has to be repeated over and over again, is nothing without it. And mantras are also eminently transportable, as Sherri Lynn Wood can attest. Sherri travels around the country inviting people into her mantra trailer, a mobile meditation space, recording studio, and site of mysterious broadcast in the form of a 1972 breadbox trailer.

Can You Say Haa?
by Reena Katz (Outfront, CBC, 2003)
As a girl, Reena Katz learned one story about the history of Israel and the people who lived there. As she grew up, an interest in cartography and her father's rare books about Palestine prompted her to dig deeper to understand the landscape of the Middle East.

The Tourist (excerpt)
by Martin Williams (Resonance FM, 2008)
Tourists travel to thousands of places every year. Almost 80 million tourists traveled to France in 2007. 60 million went to Spain. And another 50 million went to China. All of those tourists, of course, had very, very different experiences wherever they went. But Martin Williams somehow evokes what ALL tourists might feel, abroad in an unfamiliar place...

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Delaney Hall.

produced by

Ronan Kelly

Ronan Kelly is a producer with RTE Radio 1 in Ireland.

Marianne Rahn-Erickson

Marianne Rahn-Erickson has been a radio maker, print journalist, a fiction writer, a performer, a counselor, a mother, a farmer, and an ESL teacher.

Reena Katz

Reena Katz uses recorded sound, handmade electronics, wood, and live performance to create diverse listening spaces.

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