Re:sound #231 The Pocket Conference Show

This hour we're featuring an episode of our brand new podcast — the Third Coast Pocket Conference .

2016 / TCF / WBEZ 9.15, USA

This hour we're featuring an episode of our brand new podcast — the Third Coast Pocket Conference .

The Third Coast Pocket Conference is the start of your next great story — featuring sessions from Third Coast Conferences and more.

How to Make Your Listener Levitate & Other Magic Tricks
(Recorded 13 November 2016 at the Third Coast Conference in Chicago)
You don’t want your audience to listen half-heartedly — you want them to be so deeply engaged, they’re a little surprised when they bump down to earth at the end.So how do we create audio that doesn’t just entertain, but enchant? UK producer Cathy FitzGerald shows how she hooks her listeners: head, heart, guts and soul. In this session, she offers practical tips on creating an intense, tangible world through scripting, structure and surprise – and then considers the magic that happens when we take a step back and let listeners make sense of it for themselves.

This session features excerpts from the following works [listed in order of appearance]:
'She's Alright, My Mum Is' by Nigel Acheson & Kim Normanton
'Burn Slush! The Reindeer Grand Prix' by Cathy FitzGerald
'Skylarking' by Cathy FitzGerald
'Of Figs and Men' by Phil Smith
'White Stiletto Dreams' by Cathy FitzGerald
'The Ballad of the Radio Feature' by Alan Hall
'Envision Yourself Being a Free Man' by Sylvia Ryerson
'Little Volcanoes' by Cathy FitzGerald
'A Conversation with Ray Bradbury' from UCTV

Jeris, 'Floating Through Time', Spinningmerkaba: Class Dismissed (ccMixter hot mix) (self-released, 2015)
David Szesztay, 'Linger', Atmospheric Electric Guitar (Needle Drop Co., 2016)
Elisa Luu, 'r735', The time of waiting (La bèl netlabel, 2010)
muhr, 'Grey Mountain' We Are Desolved (Serein, 2005)
Elisa Luu, '13 Maggio', The time of waiting (La bèl netlabel, 2010)
Thompost, 'Jom Jom', Muffled (self-released, 2011)

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