Not Safe to Drink

What would you do if your tap water turned brown?

Radio Impact2016 Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Competition

2016 / Lindsey Smith / Sarah Hulett / Michigan Radio , USA

What would you do if your tap water turned brown?

If it gave your children a rash every time they took a bath? Or worse, what if it made them sick? Not Safe to Drink uncovers the poor decisions that poisoned a city water supply, and the attempts to cover it up. Michigan Radio was the first news outlet to cover the Flint water crisis in depth, and this documentary was instrumental in getting national coverage of the issue. Two years after Flint switched water sources, the city water is still not safe to drink.

Not Safe to Drink was reported and produced by Lindsey Smith and edited by Sarah Hulett, with reporting help from Steve Carmody, Rebecca Williams and Mark Brush for Michigan Radio.

produced by

Lindsey Smith

Lindsey Smith is Michigan Radio's West Michigan Reporter and Investigative Reporter.

Sarah Hulett

As Michigan Radio's senior editor, Sarah Hulett works with about a dozen reporters to help them craft great stories.

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