Monaea, a 2020 Diary

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2020 was a YEAR.

VICE News Reports handed over the mic to 17-year old Monaea Upton in North Minneapolis. Using the audio diary of her senior year of high school — during online learning, the aftermath of the George Floyd protests in her hometown, and a spike in neighborhood gun violence — together we made an intimate, first person look at a turbulent moment in our country’s history through the microphone of a young Black woman.

This work was originally featured in the 2021 Web Showcase, a new way of celebrating all eleven Third Coast/RHDF Competition winners with in-depth materials, including comments from the judges. Plus, our first-ever list of finalists in each category.

Full Credits

Monaea, A 2020 Diary was reported by Monaea Upton and reported and produced by Jen Kinney, with associate producer Adreanna Rodriguez, senior producer Ashley Cleek, editor Adizah Eghan, editor and executive producer Kate Osborn, and sound design and original scoring by Kyle Murdock for VICE News Reports.

produced by

Jen Kinney

Jen Kinney (@jkjenkinney) is a producer at VICE Audio, where she reports and produces episodes on VICE News Reports.

Ashley Cleek

Ashley Cleek (@msabcleek) is a senior producer at VICE Audio, where she works on both VICE News Reports and serialized stories.

Kate Osborn

Kate Osborn (@kfosborn) is a vice president at VICE Media Group, serving as the global head of audio overseeing podcasts in a variety of languages.

Adizah Eghan

Adizah Eghan is a senior producer at VICE Audio where she edits and produces episodes for VICE News Reports.

Kyle Murdoch

Kyle Murdock is a sound designer at VICE Audio, where he composes, mixes, and masters various podcasts produced by the team.

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